The original Anchor Distilling Company was established in 1993 by Fritz Maytag, the same beverage visionary who sparked the craft beer movement with his purchase of Anchor Brewing in 1965. Maytag had rescued the struggling brewery and its iconic steam beer, and after several decades of exclusively producing beer, Maytag saw an opportunity to expand into the distillation of spirits.
Fritz’s vision of a rye whiskey revival was fueled by the bold realization that there were no pot-distilled whiskeys being made legally in America at the time. The first whiskey went into barrel in 1994, and the distillery soon began producing three rye whiskeys under Fritz’s guidance, all pot-distilled spirit from a mash of 100% malted rye.

In 2017, Anchor Brewing Company was sold, and although Anchor Distilling Company was not part of the sale, it relinquished the rights to use the “Anchor” trademark. In early 2018, the new name of “Hotaling & Co.” was announced, a reference to one of Anchor Distilling’s most beloved small batch whiskeys and to the San Francisco legend A.P. Hotaling, who came out West during the Gold Rush and quickly became one of the most reputable spirits dealers in the country.

Please join us as Master Distiller Bruce Joseph guides us through a tasting of these unique West Coast whiskies alongside a menu created by Chef Mike Kapetanakis.

Welcome Cocktail and Hors d'Oeuvre
Panisse, Hummus, Sumac, Oregano
18th Century Style
Seared Scallop
Sunchoke, Spiced Walnut
Potrero Straight Rye
Duck Confit
Forbidden Rice, Tokyo Turnip, Sauce a l’Orange
Hotaling’s Single Malt
Blueberry Cream Tart
Whipped Mascarpone, Milk Chocolate 
J.H. Cutter Blended

$60, exclusive of gratuity and taxes

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Karey Walker