Weekdays, 5 - 6 p.m.

Enjoy cocktails from one of our favorite cookery and drinking books The Gentleman’s Companion, by Charles H. Baker. 

Cocktails and Snacks, $5 each

The Waxman gin, sweet vermouth, calvados, yellow chartreuse
Mexican Firing Squad tequila, lime, pomegranate, angostura bitters
Manila Leap Frog gold rum, apricot liqueur, Lime, Pomegranate
Harvard Veritas gin, sweet vermouth, calvados, yellow chartreuse
Remember the Maine rye, sweet vermouth, cherry herring, absinthe

Soft Pretzel green chili-cheddar cheese dip
‘Toga Tots fiscalini cheddar, chorizo
Shishito Peppers cherry tomato, miso glaze
Sliders seven-spice chicken or cheeseburger
Mini Cubano Frank slow-roasted pork, swiss cheese, mojo

Karey Walker